‘EXPLODING DEER POPULATION IN VICTORIA + OTHER 12 MUNICIPALITIES’ ELECTION ISSUE, SAYS ROCKLAND DOGWALKER: Mary-Jo Morin challenges Mayor Dean Fortin + candidates: ‘Anyone take a stand’ for a cull? …Letter to TC ed., Oct. 24, 2014 + Rockland Rosa Triplex

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Deer overpopulation should be election issue


OCTOBER 24, 2014 02:24 PM

 Re: “Labrador wounded by urban buck,” Oct. 22.

With the exploding deer population in Victoria and the other 12 municipalities, it was only a matter of time before a dog or person was gored.

I walk regularly through Rockland with my dog. We have been chased and cornered by does with fawns. I have had to cower behind cars and race up the steps to my neighbours’ front doors to avoid these frightening encounters.

Walking is no longer a pleasure now that I have to constantly check in front, behind and to the side to make sure that we are safe.

B.C. Conservation’s advice to me? “Walk in a different neighbourhood.” Really? Are the deer paying property taxes?

I actually remember when it was rare to see a deer in Victoria. Now they roam in herds of five or six, ambling down streets, sleeping in vacant lots, eating their way through the neighbourhood.

What is it going to take to solve this problem? A child being gored? A multi-car accident while trying to avoid a deer? A cyclist swerving to avoid those big brown-eyed Bambis and taking down a couple of walkers?

Why do we keep pretending this issue will resolve itself? It won’t, it will only get worse unless something is done.

If Mayor Dean Fortin and his rival candidates had any chutzpah and foresight and really wanted to make a difference, a deer cull would be an election issue. Maybe then voter turnout wouldn’t be so paltry. Will anyone take a stand?

Mary-Jo Morin



– See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/letters/deer-overpopulation-should-be-election-issue-1.1458995#sthash.GDZ8a5q6.dpuf

Saint Luke, White Abbey, North Transept Window stained glass detail, Kildare, Ireland. Photo: Andreas F. Borchert, wikimedia commons + ROCKLAND ROSA TRIPLEX

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White Abbey

North Transept Window

Saint Luke Detail

2013 09 04.jpg

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository
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Description White Abbey, Kildare, County Kildare, Ireland

English: Detail of left stained glass window in the north wall of the north transept, depicting Saint Luke.
Date 4 September 2013
Source Self-photographed
Author Andreas F. Borchert
Reference 2013/22327


SASQUATCH SAYS: I want you to vote JOSH STEFFLER in Esquimalt…2014 municipal election poster via Pat Klugh + Josh Steffler @ ROCKLAND ROSA TRIPLEX

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If you’re in Esquimalt, vote Josh Steffler for city council.


Vancouver Latin American Film Festival’s 2014 image: ”THE FEELING SYSTEM” by Ricardo Luévanos, Paulina Barragán, steve chow, Paulo Gutiérrez @ VLAFF + Rockland Rosa Triplex

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THE FEELING SYSTEM.             


Image and concept: Ricardo Luévanos.

Model: Paulina Barragán.

Typography and additional design: steve chow

We are networks. Human beings are connected by emotions that create a “feeling system”; This system integrates images and sounds that make us see the world: looking through a lens that captures realities, these realities in turn are assimilated through a complex process involving the heart – as a metaphor for the emotional – – and reason.

Cinema could be a representation of the “feeling system”; through this system we can see an immeasurable repertoire of ideas, feelings and emotions that allows us to recognize ourselves in other eyes and other voices. The “feeling system” moves us out of isolation and links us to others, those who are far from us, those who speak different languages.

The “feeling system” allows reflection and peace.

Paulo Gutiérrez.



– See more at: http://www.vlaff.org/article/vlaffs-2014-image-feeling-system#sthash.oQvup86H.dpuf

PASSION FOR TANGO: Trio Garuta y Color D’Amor: Victoria Tango + Latin Arts Festival: ‘Free or Donation’: Centennial Square, 1-6 pm, August 2 + 3, 2014.

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Saturday August 2nd


Centennial Square




2013 Centennial Square Shows

Free or by Donation

Come to Centennial Square for 2 days of great food, community and craft booths, beer garden, dance and music performances in the atmosphere of a Latin Barrio (neighborhood) Suitable for all ages and all those who want entertainment with a tan.

Dance demos in Tango, Latin and Flamenco dance. Trio Garufa gives a talk on tango and a lesson on the chacerarra, an Argentinian Folk dance.

Saturday/Sunday 1:00-6:00 August 2nd and 3rd.




Color D'Amor Photo

Color D’Amor

Color D’ Amor play a blend of original songs and a mix of world music arranged to milonga, the dance that is the mother of tango. The rhythms of early tangos (milongas) were derived from the habanera, a Cuban rhythm and are still danced today alongside tango. Color D’ Amor, from Nanaimo, is Lou Gradanti on guitar, accordion and keyboard and Andrea Georgiev on guitar and percussion; both add vocals and have a long music history of Latin, folk, world and rock music. They have played in Nanaimo, on Gabriola and Saltpspring Islands, for events  and are a local favorite for tango dancing. This is their first appearance in Victoria.



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Received like a King at the airport in Mexico City, couldn’t be any happier and thankful to my fan club in Mexico.
Me han recibido como se reciben a un rey en el aeropuerto de la cuidad de México.
No es posible ser más feliz o alegre que yo en este momento, me siento muy orgulloso y agradecido de mi fan club en México.
Los quiero!!. ac


Photo: Received like a King at the airport in Mexico City, couldn't be any happier and thankful to my fan club in Mexico. Me han recibido como se reciben a un rey en el aeropuerto de la cuidad de México. No es posible ser más feliz o alegre que yo en este momento, me siento muy orgulloso y agradecido de mi fan club en México. Los quiero!!. ac


‘SON OF THUNDER’ WITH PURPLE HALO: Codex Calixtinus (Liber Sancti Jacobi) c. 1130-1140, Santiago de Compostela: Saint James the Greater icon, Vicky petereit upload @ Wikimedia commons + Rockland Rosa Triplex

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Santiago Codex Calixtinus

Public Domain

This file is lacking author information. – Codex Calixtinus, Folio 4r (excerpt)



Mama, talk to your daughter, Johnny Winter live 1970, black + white 4.44 min. YT vid

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My dearly departed brother Jerome Henry Hartnell loved Johnny Winter and died from an overdose not long after this video was made.

I have been thinking about and praying for both of them in recent days as the great bluesman recently died in an hotel in Suisse: that the Good Lord may have mercy on both of them.

I went down to hear and see Johnny at the Strath a few years ago, but it was clear to me after a only a few minutes that Johnny was completely stoned on something, and in no condition to play that night… I was horrified that night and continue to be outraged by the damage that heavy addiction can do  to an artist of great stature, and I felt ripped off.

But I understand now that he got into recovery, that he likely had a number of relapses, and that explains his comeback such as it was, which is frankly remarkable, all things considered…

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

Nom d’artiste: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

Rockland Rosa Triplex