Iggy’s failed gambit to promote Canadian condoms + abortions to African women

Published March 26, 2010 by goyodelarosa




Michael Ignatieff wanted to embarrass the clueless ‘Conservatives’ into promoting Canadian imperialist Death Culture contraception propaganda, pushing condoms, pills and even worse, abortion on demand to poor African women.

The Harperites betrayed their core by capitulating on the contraception issue, and wimping out on abortion.

On the latter, they seem content to allow the current anarchy on the abortion issue in Canada to prevail.

But, happily they beat the Liberals when the latter tried to trick them into making the issue wider, not just about contraception, but about abortion on demand, and dissing the George W. Bush-style of American ‘family planning.’

The three renegade Liberal pro-lifers and ten absentees have shown the Liberals to be divided on the abortion issue, which is very good for Canadian pro-life politics generally and for the Conservatives, but only if the latter understand that they now have to take a much stronger principled pro-life position in complete contradistinction to that of the lackluster Liberals… to save human lives.

Not that I have any interest in the fortunes of the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party of Canada, but it is clear that from the latest poll, the Canadian people are divided 50/50 on the  abortion issue, and threrefor there is an opportunity at this historical point to have a long-delayed debate in the House of Commons on the whole abortion issue and stop avoiding it with a false peace.

Now is the time to make the abolition of the abortion anarchy in Canada the defining issue of the next election.



(alias: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’)




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