Dean ‘The Destroyer’ Fortin on kicking Joseph Strauss’ JOHNSON STREET BRIDGE: “The earthquake is coming! Victoria is Haiti! WE’VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!”

Published July 20, 2010 by goyodelarosa

I very rarely listen to The Zone, and frankly, am not sure where it is on the FM radio dial, but this morning, while idly flipping the dial without looking where I was on it, I happened upon this familiar voice, and sure enough, it was him… the Mayor of the Corporation of the City of Victoria, Dean ‘The Destroyer’ Fortin himself, the man who wants to tear down Victoria’s sadly neglected old Johnson Street Bridge, designed by Joseph Strauss of Golden Gate Bridge fame.

He insists that we will have an earthquake in the future, so whatever we do with the old bascule, that is the reason the Victoria City Council recently upped the earthquake preparedness standard on the Johnson Street Bridge to withstand an anticipated future earthquake of 8.5 seismic level.

Such a level of seismic preparedness has never been seen to be necessary nor was it utilized in the past, and all of a sudden it is deemed urgent now?

From a 30% probability level to a sure thing warranting major expenditure on  expensive seismic upgrades is a remarkable feat of panting paranoia, and while sometimes it seems apropos to nickname the socialist mayor ‘The Destroyer,’ conjuring wrestling matches with fantastically costumed and nicknamed characters, perhaps a better moniker for him would be Dean ‘Chicken Little’ Fortin…

In any case, I immediately phoned our former Concerned Citizens Coalition  Councillor candidate David Burke while The Zone’s interview with Mr. Fortin was ongoing to see if David  also happened to hear the Voice of ‘Dean the Destroyer’ on the radio, and lo and behold, he too had been flipping through the dial, protests he rarely listens to the Zone, but also heard the ominous voice this morning, babbling away in his breathless manner, slurring his speech he was in such a hurry to sound with it, with rowdy rock and roll djs in the studio background guffawing at his unequivocal assertions, such as:






– ‘Goyo de la Rosa’




2 comments on “Dean ‘The Destroyer’ Fortin on kicking Joseph Strauss’ JOHNSON STREET BRIDGE: “The earthquake is coming! Victoria is Haiti! WE’VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!”

  • I like the repartee between you and M. Burke. I also appreciate you two as the [sharp] eyes and ears of Victoria. You pick up “What’s going on,” as Marvin Gaye would say, but you still have a fond sensibility for the ‘olde’ Victoria — the one with the fishing boats and barges in the harbour, NOT the creepy little piece of bad old England. Oh, you can keep the pretty flowers but PLEASE — do send the mayor to do some good in Haiti and SAVE THE BLUE BRIDGE.

    Victoria, Pacific North-west Region

  • Thanks for your comments, oshunbreeze. As one of your two CCC reps in Rockland, David Burke really is your man on the scene.

    He can often be found regaling all and sundry on the latest shenanigans of the many characters in Cook Street Village, Fernwood and James Bay.

    We do love the architectural and engineering heritage of many of the old buildings in Victoria, and both of us agree with you that the Johnson Street Bridge is definitely worth saving.

    That funky bridge, and the current neglected condition of it, would certainly prompt Marvin to sing, “What’s goin’ on?”

    Not much maintenance on it these days, however, and that is a shame.

    ‘Goyo de la Rosa’
    (Gregory Hartnell)

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