ANARCHIST’S SUNDAY AFTERNOON DEMO SALE IN OLD KIRK HALL: Goyo de la Rosa reviews Victoria Anarchist Bookfair poster’s phoenix symbolism; WW3 GRAPHIC RADICALS @ Legacy; Catherine Moffat’s portraits of beautiful women @ Avenue Gallery Oak Bay; Robert Young @ Humboldt Winchester

Published September 12, 2010 by goyodelarosa


Sunday Sales in doomed Scots Presbyterian church hall

The book is entitled, Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada

Islands of Resistance by Andrea Langlois, Ron Sakolsky, Marian van der Zon

Browsing fairly quickly through the Victoria Anarchist Book Fair tables, I found these two items caught my eye: the post card for Islands of Resistance,  a book on pirate radio in Canada, above, the cover design of which clearly owes debts to Grateful Dead imagery…

File:Nadir Madrasah Phoenix.JPGPERSIAN PHOENIX: Simurgh on the portal of Nadir Divan -Beghi Madrasah, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.  Click on the Alaexis photo to enlarge.

Victoria Anarchist Bookfair

… and the bright-coloured psychedelic poster (above)…

Detail from mosaic Semis de roses et phénix Louvre Museum, Paris, France


mosaic detail, Louvre, Paris, France.

The phoenix from the Aberdeen Bestiary.

ABERDEEN BESTIARY detail shows Phoenix bird rising,

with flames. Click on image to enlarge.

… showing a mythical Phoenix bird rising from the blood-red centre sun fire of anarchism, for the Victoria Anarchist Book Fair held this weekend in Victoria, which David Jure and I attended this afternoon at the old and soon-to-be demolished Saint Andrew’s Kirk Hall on Courtenay Street…

…behind the John Di Castri facade on Douglas which will be saved.

Something that really turned me off was to see a young native man selling t-shirts that had the idiotic legend SMASH PACIFISM (or some such rubbish), with an image of Mahatma Gandhi having his skull split open and his brains spilling out.

It wasn’t the design on the left, but that was the general idea… pacifists will die by the anarchist’s hands, if the police don’t kill them first. Well, that’s how I interpret such Death Culture propaganda, anyway.

Time for a little creative non-violent civil disobedience history lessons, folks.

 The anti-Obama stickers below, referencing Shepherd Fairey’s already dated CHANGE posters for the then Democratic Senator, fit the zeigeist, and work for tea party types as well as the black shirts.


I can’t say for sure if these stickers were sold, but they could have been. 

The anarchos were play acting at being bourgeois shop keepers on the Lord’s Day in a condemned Kirk Hall… it was all slightly weird and surreal, if I may say so, but perhaps that was the point from the anarchos’ point of view…

They had serigraphed anarcho patches with various slogans and obscure logos, all in dark colours, t-shirts, posters, pamphlets, stickers, buttons, magazines and, of course, books.

Being disabled begging artists, we didn’t spend a thing, of course, and so therefor felt that we fit right in with the rest of the motley misfit OUTSIDERS with their dark drab clothes…

As for their well-fed dogs tied up outside… well, that’s another issue for another golden day of Sunday afternoon bourgeois anarchy.

One poor fellow had ensconced himself on the sidewalk in front of the door with a billygoat… God only knows why.

Amazingly enough, I just got a call from my brother John Hartnell inquiring if I had seen the poster for the anarchists’ stab at being bourgeois shopkeepers, and I told him I was just in the actual process of writing about the very same Victoria Anarchist Book Fair as we speak, and encouraged him to go down there to check it out.

Cover art, World War 3 Illustrated #40, Seth Tobocman

A display of World War 3 magazines and a World War 3 peace poster caught my eye just before we left, and I got into a chat with an older fellow who told me a bit about the anti-war graphic magazine, and mentioned that there is a GRAPHIC RADICALS show on now at the University of Victoria’s Legacy Gallery at Broad and Yates which displays some of the startling original cover artwork from the magazine which has been published over the years.

graphic radicals poster




That World War 3 show I have yet to see, but I am going gallery-hopping with my dear wife Dawn this afternoon, so perhaps we will go over there on our tour of some of the Victoria gallery openings this Sunday afternoon…





Apparitions, Product Archive, The Modern Figure, Paintings, Artists Art Gallery Catalog Showcase - The Avenue Gallery - Victoria BC


… Just back from seeing a group show of new figurative paintings at the Avenue Gallery on Oak Bay Avenue.

Apparitions, Product Archive, The Modern Figure, Paintings, Artists Art Gallery Catalog Showcase - The Avenue Gallery - Victoria BC 


Best thing to see at the Avenue Gallery right now are about a half dozen hyper-realistic head portraits of different women by Catherine Moffat…

Apparitions, Product Archive, The Modern Figure, Paintings, Artists Art Gallery Catalog Showcase - The Avenue Gallery - Victoria BC


… ranging in price from about $1,800 – $2800, depending on size and amount of detail in the paint passages.

Apparitions, Product Archive, The Modern Figure, Paintings, Artists Art Gallery Catalog Showcase - The Avenue Gallery - Victoria BC




758 HUMBOLDT, near Blanshard

September 11 t0 October 2, 2010


Shadow Play: Lurid Bride, 2005/07

ROBERT YOUNG: Shadow Play: Lurid Bride.

At the new Winchester Gallery at 758 Humboldt Street across from the Church of Our Lord, they have Robert Young’s  anti-academic post-modern work in watercolour and other media.


Click on the tiny image (above) to enlarge it and properly appreciate Robert Young’s delicate draughtsmanship, antique colour schemes and strange juxtaposition of disparate elements.

This man, born in 1938, is a living Vancouver legend who somehow has escaped my attention… until now.

Robert Young shares his post-modernist sensibility with exquisite architectural rendering technique in some of the watercolours, a warm earthy Mediterranean pastelle palette in most of the pieces, sometimes with surrealistic flourishes… what is there not to like about this wise old man’s well-seasoned oeuvre?

Relegated to a back-facing wall, Claude Tousignant’s kinetic-psychedelic target, an acrylic on canvas entitled Accelerateur chromatique 1968 is priced at an astonishing $125,000 Can. for 42 centimetres square.

That will put the seeker in a Jack Wise-

or Henri Van Bentum- like trance

quite quickly… always focus on the centre!

TOUSIGNANT’S $125,000 acrylic:

Click on the image above to appreciate

its kinetic and hypnotic properties.

– ‘Goyo de la Rosa’




12 comments on “ANARCHIST’S SUNDAY AFTERNOON DEMO SALE IN OLD KIRK HALL: Goyo de la Rosa reviews Victoria Anarchist Bookfair poster’s phoenix symbolism; WW3 GRAPHIC RADICALS @ Legacy; Catherine Moffat’s portraits of beautiful women @ Avenue Gallery Oak Bay; Robert Young @ Humboldt Winchester

  • Hello.
    I just found this article, while searching for reviews of our lovely bookfair. Thank you for attending and taking the time to place down your thoughts on our event. Organizing a gathering for up to 3000 attendies is a lot of work, especially for a volunteer run collective with no funding to speak of, so even if not all your feelings on our gathering were positive, I still appreciate that you took the time to review it,
    Tyhere is however one or 2 points I feel I compelled to respond to in your post.

    About the dogs, and, er um, goat, and the “bourgeois” folks as you dismissed them. I would start off by saying I think it is important to note that almost all of the people that came to distribute and sell materials, whether books, patches, zines, or anti-gandhi t-shirts, do so without generally keeping a single cent of the money. This is the common way things are done in much of the anarchist community. I think it is unfair to suggest that someone who sells things for next to cost, or in many cases by donation, is “bourgeois.” I think this point becomes even more compounded when we recognize that much of what was sold there is DIY, meaning, hand made. Even the books sold by AK Press, Crimethinc, and PM for example are often put out by worker run collectives.
    Further, many of the patches and zines were sold for $1, much of the items there were super cheap, and we went to great lengths to provide free vegan food, fair trade organic coffee by donation, and there was a wide variety of workshops to attend that were all completely free.

    The other thing I wish to comment on is the T-shirt of Gandhi being punched (his brains are NOT flying out of his head, nor is his head cracking), is a image created by the mid 30s “young native man” you described, who is in fact Gord Hill, publisher of Warrior Publications, author of 500 years Of Indigenous Resistance, 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, and a well known local activist and artist whom lives in the lower east side of Vancouver. Gord is Kwakwaka’wakw Nation, who’s people’s unceeded lands are up island.
    I happen to personally know Gord, and have a great deal of respect for him after reading his work and hearing him speak for years, and seeing his dedication in the anti-olympics struggle and many others.
    The reason Gord put an image of Gandhi being punched on a t-shirt is because that image is for his new book he is working on called Smash Pacifism, which examinees the work of the icon to show it to be very contradictory, strategically problematic, racist, and full of other problems. The shirt is not meant to suggest anarchists want to beat up or kill pacifists (in fact many anarchists are pacifists, following from the traditions of Leo Tolstoy, Amon Hennacy, and Victoria’s own George Woodcock) as much as to say we have to be able to challenge the dogmas of pacifism, which has to a large degree had a stranglehold on radical and activist movements for years to the point where people are often outcast simply for not agreeing that non-violence is always the best tactic. While people like Gord or even myself feel that militancy is a needed part of struggle and people should be able to choose what tactics they feel are the most appropriate to defend themselves, the majority of the work we do is completely non violent and grassroots.
    Not to speak for Gord, but my understanding is he is amongst the camp who feel that preaching non-violence (or demanding it) to indigenous peoples whom have been disarmed already, works to keep them subjugated.
    There was unquestionably people there whom held many different belifs, which I think is a very good thing. The WW3 collective you had mentioned is a avid anti-war collective, many of the IWW who were also there are also anti-war and support pacifism, and I know that Lex from Thought Crime Inc. & Kiki from the poly 101 is a pacifist, and I think she is a Buddhist.
    I also am pretty sure I saw a copy of radical Pacifism at the bookfair and copies of you Can’t Blow Up A Social Revolution.
    The point is to bring people of various stripes together, not to tell them what to believe but rather to represent diversity and give them the many options. I hardly see how censoring the work of a prominent local indigenous author and artist would be of benefit to anyone.
    My point is that we need to be promoting diversity and open minded dialog, showing various ideas, and letting people choose for themselves what they feel to be right.

    In the end, I wish not to ‘convert you’ or to ‘make you see my way,’ rather I just felt it was important to clear up possible misconceptions.
    I again thank you for attending our 5th bookfair, I hope you will consider coming to the next one.

    p.s.- the bookfair has been on the same 2 days every year, second weekend o sep, the sunday had nothing intentional about it, although some collective members found it cute. In the past we actually had christian members in our collective, and even had a workshop on christian anarchism.
    As for the venue, it was one of the only ones we could find, and afford, that was fully wheelchair accessible and large enough for our needs.

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