NOW IN PERSON: DOORS, COLLECTORS: A LOVE IN @ VICTORIA ARENA: does classic Bob Masse poster have an historical error? BLUES X FIVE, AS SHERIFF posters from Club Tango, Nine in the Fifth Place, White Eagle Hall

Published September 21, 2010 by goyodelarosa

Doors poster by Bob Masse, Vancouver, 1967

Did the Painted Ship really play that night in Victoria?

I don’t remember them, but I do remember that Jim Morrison was really drunk, and it was so bad, I almost left.

The Collectors were better than the Doors that night, as I recall, contrary to what some critic in the newspaper said the next day.

He had the bands mixed up, as apparently did the great master poster artist Bob Masse (or Painted Ship cancelled at the last minute), because L’il Ed Wright says that the Blues x Five warmed up the Victoria audience of hippies, ‘weekend heads’ and teeny boppers for the two big name bands that night, and were well received by Victorians, still being the number one rhythm and blues rock band in Victoria in those days.

To tell the sad truth, I may have missed the Blues x 5 that night, getting into the arena a bit late, so I can’t honestly say I remember hearing L’il Ed’s band that night any more than I can remember the Painted Ship, although of course, I had heard them in Beacon Hill Park at one of the Be Ins.

We were there for the Doors first, the Collectors second, the local band, whoever they were, third, frankly.

L’il Ed Wright tells the story of going out the exit from the arena to the parking lot on a rainy night, and seeing  Jim Morrison sitting by himself, quiet now that the show was over, lost in thought, sitting on the back of a truck, staring into space, and Ed caught his eye, and gave him the nod and Morrison did the same. 

It was cosmic and it was karmic and it was quite simply, supremely cool, says Ed, and it happened.

L’il Ed Wright claims that Jim Morrison of the Doors gave him a silent nod as he went by to get to his car in the parking lot…

‘It was just like in the song ‘People are Strange,’ says L’il Ed.

‘”When you’re strange, faces come out of the rain… when you’re strange, no one remembers your name…”‘

So, Jim Morrison, THE JIM MORRISON, may have seen L’il Ed, and Ed swears it’s true that the Lizard King gave the best l’il blues shouter Victoria ever had the nod… well, who am I to say it never happened?

Blues x Five won the Battle of the Bands in Centennial Square in the legendary Summer of Love on Dominion Day, 1967, according to Craig Morrison, a well-respected rock music historian from Oak Bay who should know, being a bona fide professor of rock n roll history at McGill and Concordia.

I had a copy of this clasic Bob Masse Doors – Collectors poster for many years, and thought it was the epitome of hippy chic, but it got quite a few pin holes and tape marks left on it, and was eventually probably stolen from one of my many apartments by one of my so-called ‘friends.’

Peace and love are still operative, however, of course, and all is forgiven in my current demented state!

Bob Masse

BOB MASSE: influenced by Mucha,

he is the grand master of Pacifican psychedelic posterdom

As Sheriff at Nine in the Fifth Place, from the RCMP website

As Sheriff: Groove In Number Two at the Club Tango: a deal, four hours of psychedelic mayhem for only $.50!

A Beardsley-influenced poster on silver paper for the Nine in the Fifth Place club, featuring Tomorrow’s Eyes and Valdy’s Pigling Bland Jug Band.

There is still a dance hall upstairs at the same 1313 Government Street location, I believe, but it is not used as such.

Nine in the Fifth Place put out some of the best psychedelic posters in Victoria in those days, without a doubt.

Here is another for Tomorrow’s Eyes and As Sheriff at Nine in the Fifth Place.

These ones above come from the Pacific North West Bands website.

Here is another one for Nine in the Fifth Place, of inferior design quality, for Papa Bear’s Medicine Show, Iliad and Blues x Five (I believe) from the Royal City Music Project (RCMP) website, and one for the Blues x Five at the Tango, slightly better in quality of design, below…

This one is of a superior quality of design, with the Blues x Five ‘from Victoria’ playing at the Kits Theatre, Vancouver, B. C. 

– ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

Last day of Summer 2010 Victoria


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