Oneder Star, Ron Lund’s blog, chronicles his family’s life of sailing in the Pacific

Published November 21, 2011 by goyodelarosa

‘Skipper Ron’ Lund, sometimes known as ‘Spiral Monkey’ or ‘oneder’ is anchored out in Oak Bay with his lovely wife, ‘first mate Yvonne‘ and son ‘bosun Leaf’.

The genial unofficial ineffective mayor of the poor in Victoria wants to get interviewed by Gregor Craigie of CBC Victoria (and or Occupy same).

He tried to get me to pick him up at 6 am this morning, but I said that I had to drive my wife to work not long after that, so I ain’t much of a Loser Party guido yet.

Drive on by on the way back in, he said, so I went to what is left of the Occupy camp, and found it all to be quite a forlorn and miserable sight, with garbage strewn around and a few protestors gathered together by the main table, but otherwise, no Ron, or any other rabble of Occupy CBC protestors was to be seen.

Then I went over to CBC to see if anything was afoot.

Newly re-elected Victoria Councillor Geoff Young was just entering the building and came over, in a very friendly mood, apparently, and I told that he he ‘done very well.’

I said that I wasn’t coming in, but was had just thought that I had to meet someone here, but that they didn’t seem to be there…

I congratulated Mr. Young, and told that I would be listening to him on the radio.

But when I got into our pick up, I found the reception strangely dead from just after the point in time when a link from the National News was supposed to cut back to Victoria, but then there was silence.

When I got back home, I really wanted to hear what Young might say about the Johnson Street Bridge and the three newly elected Councillors, but the reception on that radio was also very iffy, with a signal that was strangely unusually weak, very weird…

Oh well, Ron’s website is linked in the comments if anyone wants to connect with his campaign for the newly formed Loser Party.

Here is his introduction:


our sailboat if a 45 ferro cement ketch designed by frank carius. we have to date sailed about 10,000 miles. not to far by many sailors but we this is our first boat and we have lived on her for over six years. our travels have taken us to mexico, hawaii with the south west coast of b.c. canada our home cruising grounds. we get our mail on cortes island b.c. and consider it our home port but we are rarely anywhere for long. on our blog you will find some sea stories and sometimes an update. i hope you enjoy our blog and fairwinds, flat seas and blue skies to you all!

skipper ron, mate yvonne and bosun boy leaf

Spiritual Peace be with us all

‘Goyo de la Rosa’


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