AN INVITATION TO VICTORIA ARTISTS: VERY SPECIAL FILM screening: ‘The Mystery of Sveva Caetani’ by Agustin Luviano-Cordero (56 min) 2012. Movie Monday, TONIGHT! October 29, 2012, 6:30 PM., EMP Fort Street entrance

Published October 29, 2012 by goyodelarosa

October 29, 2012
Via the kindness of Gregory Hartnell,
I would like to extend a special invitation to each and all of the Victoria  Artists 
to a very special screening of the film: 
The Mystery of Sveva Caetani by Agustin Luviano-Cordero. (56 min) 2012. 
The screening  will take place at the Movie Monday location
on Monday,  October  29,  2012 at   6:30 PM. 
The Eric Martin Pavillion Auditorium
in the 1900  block of Fort St., near Foul Bay Rd.
Victoria, BC.
Admission is Free or by Donation. 
Among Luviano-Cordero’s many TV productions, we can cite “The Limners: Art and Friendship” (90 min);
 “The Mystery of Sveva Caetani”  (52 min); Anti-Apocalypto: Jorge Reyes in Concert in Canada” (45 min) 
and “A Portrait of Myfanwy Pavelic” (48 min).  
Currently Luviano-Cordero is in the last Stages of Production 
and ready to start Post-Production on his latest film:
“Pat Martin Bates: A Dreamer in Search of Light” (50 min) 2012. 
Luviano-Cordero has also filmed in concert or interviewed artists like Diana Krall, Bill Bruford,
 Popol Vuh, Jimmy Scott, Tangerine Dream, Jorge Reyes, Sun Ra, 
John McLaughlin, Robin Skelton, Lance Olsen and many more
For more details, information or  to acquire a copy of his films on DVD format, 
please contact Agustin Luviano-Cordero,
Phone: (250) 595-6275
Email: agustin@alumni.uvic.
See you this evening,

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