MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE: How to get out of a creative funk @ ANGEL STREHLEN’s

Published December 26, 2012 by goyodelarosa

how to get out of a creative funk


Here are a couple of tips from a LA ROSA cover artist, now running her own art gallery in East Van.  

Angel Strehlen has more time-tested wise advice for artists stuck in a creative funk at her blog:


“The hard part about writing a novel is finishing it.”
― Ernest Hemingway

There are some easy solutions to getting through a creative block. These methods work for me.

1. Create a Time & Space:

People have busy lives and find themselves frustrated with little or no time to create.

The greatest creative minds developed rituals and habits to foster their Muse.

They have a regular schedule and go to their specialized space.

Paul Klee was an impoverished father who had to use his tiny kitchen, but he would work every day.

In fact, the only way to nourish your talent is to set aside time and space to create.

You must commit to your inner Muse.

Make a promise to yourself or treat it like a job.

I have traveled a lot and still did something creative every day.

Instead of having the luxury of my studio, I kept a sketchbook.

If I could, I brought my tiny suitcase, but when biking around the UK I had the tiniest of sketchbooks.

I would write and sketch at the train stations, pubs, cafes, and even bathrooms.

2. Pay Attention to Your Environment:

We can not separate ourselves from our environment.

We are a product of it.

If your environment is disturbing or unhealthy you will be distracted and ill-at-ease.

You can have some control of your environment, even in the harshest conditions.

Clean up!

You’d be amazed how much that will un-clutter your mind.

Many times I stare blankly at a canvas, give up after awhile and clean my brushes or organize my papers.

Now, it comes naturally, I will clean up a bit and sit down to find my creativity released and at ease.

Color plays a major role in our overall state of well-being.

There are studies on Color Therapy that have made profound discoveries.

For example, hospitals and jails now use pink to calm people.

The colors that surround you make your mood.

I spent many months in dingy logging camps while treeplanting.

I always brought colorful scarfs to hang on the walls.

Cover your desk with a tablecloth or a colored piece of paper.

Scent is important.

The sense of smell has been shown to trigger memories.

As well, smells can have psychotropic effects.

Frankincense is a hypnotic which is why it is used in Catholic rituals.

In fact, many religions employ the use of smells and taste.

Businesses use smell to entice you to buy; Ikea uses cinnamon at their entrance, it works as a physical and emotional stimulant and a memory trigger.

I always have a vial of some kind of essential oil or incense to regulate my mood.


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