CONCHITA MEDINA + JULIO CABRERA: ‘NOSTALGIA MEXICANA’: NEW CD with Mariachi Tradicional Arredondo lead singer, Conchita Medina + ‘the immense art of the soul of Yerbabuena’, Julio Cabrera

Published March 4, 2013 by goyodelarosa

When my dear sister Maria Teresa Cabrera (nee Hartnell) was visiting us here in Victoria recently, she left a new CD with us by her very talented husband, Julio Cabrera.

This new CD of 16 old Mexican popular songs was recorded live at their Santuario de Yerbabuena restaurant atop a hill with a panoramic view of  the little village of Yerbabuena near Mascota, and features the famous Jaliscan mariachi singer Conchita Medina, with her distinctive ‘Voz femenina’, accompanied by Julio Cabrera’s equally distinctive ‘Guitarra y Voz Masculina’, as the back cover notes put it.

Conchita Medina is the lead female singer of the famous Mariachi Tradicional Arredondo band featured on videos accompanying this post, produced in the studio of the Jalisco state government tv station C7, from Guadalajara.

Together, these two are the only ones heard on this new disc, with Conchita Medina usually singing the melody by taking the lead alto voice, and Julio Cabrera providing the underlying harmonics with his seasoned baritone voice and solo guitar.

1. LOS LAURELES *  Miguel Aceves Mejia

2. LA BORRACHITA * Ignacio Fernandez Esperon (Taca Nacho)

3. LA PALMA * Cancion popular mexicana

4. LA LAMPARA * Genoveva Rodriguez

5. LA PANCHITA * Joaquin Pardave Arce

6. PIENSA EN MI * Agustin Lara

7. LOS BARANDALES * Rafael Palomar

8. EL VENADITO * Cancion popular mexicana

9. MUJER LADINA * Juan Jose Espinoza Guevara

10. RAYANDO EL SOL * Cancion popular mexicana

11. MI GUSTO ES * Alfonso Esparza Oteo

12. LA LLORONA * Cancion popular mexicana


14. ESTA TRISTEZA MIA * Antonio Valdez Herrera

15. LA PALMA * Cancion popular mexicana

16. PRIETA LINDA * Julio Chaidez

The CD is entitled Nostalgia mexicana, Ricardo Diaz was the sound engineer, and it was recorded at Mariachi Navidad studio in Mascota, Jalisco, Mexico.

Nostalgia mexicana is a production of Verse Cafe Cultural on Tokin Records.


In the comments section below, one can find this YouTube video of Conchita Medina singing an old mariachi drinking song (note the hiccup at the beginning) and there are a number of other videos of Conchita Medina singing with Mariachi Tradicional Arredondo available there also.

It should be noted that these are old Jaliscan state government television videos of inferior sound quality to that found on this new Tokin Records CD, and they do not give a proper indication of the strength of Conchita Medina’s powerful voice, but rather in these old videos she usually comports herself in a very traditional manner and blends into the chorus without playing the star role.

She is the star singer of this new Nostalgia mexicana CD, however, with Julio Cabrera only occasionally taking the lead, but usually deferring to her by taking a less prominent singing role.

Both of their very strong voices mesh beautifully and one hopes that they will record another disc together or reissue this one with wider distribution, as apparently only 300 copies of this CD were produced.

We’re having issues with our scanner at the moment, but I will try to get a picture of the psychedelic cover art by Enrique Rosales for the Nostalgia mexicana CD uploaded here soon.

Gregory Hartnell

(‘Goyo de la Rosa’)



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