STEPHEN SHELLEN: ACTOR TO ACTIVIST + FAITH IS FREEDOM: Joan Isberg-Herron interviews former Rockland resident on his current work as a Christian activist-artist @ Radio Malaspina’s CharacterDriven podcasts from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island: CHLY 101.7 FM …

Published March 9, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Remember this young man from Monterey Elementary School in Oak Bay?

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February 28, 2013 | Joan Isberg-HerronCharacterDriven

Faith is Freedom


Having faith in God is one of the most punk things we can do in a world that has been co-opted by a hell bent agenda.

Today’s show takes back the power of prayer, psalms and faith-focused living amidst the lies and deception of the power mongers who would have us filled with fear in a world of chaos.

This is a shout out to all those who have been the targets of the tactics of those whose only hope for victory is to put us into slavery.

The slavery of the soul is the most insidious of all prisons and through our unwillingness to capitulate…through our profession of faith and trust in God…we are able to overcome the powers of darkness that prey on our souls.


All people listen up, I am not going away, I am not going to shut up and I am not a victim but a survivor of something I refer to as Covert Harassment all brought about initially because I was concerned for my then young children and was alarmed to have my son (4 at the time) say to me, “I can’t talk to you Daddy, the man’s going to hurt me.”

Inadvertently this threw me down the rabbit hole but I am still here and I will not go away.

I have learned in the past 17 years of trying to unravel this mess what a mess the world is in and how much we have all been lied to.

Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and risk appearing crazy because the crazy ones are the ones still clinging to this idea that someone or something(i.e. government) is looking out for you.

They are not!!!!!

Steven Shellen

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Faith is Freedom

Actor to Activist

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Today on CharacterDriven, a former Hollywood actor talks about his rise in the LA community, including his nightclub days and his current work as an artist and activist, based on what he learned in the process.


Short personal impression of these two CharacterDriven podcast interviews between Steven Shellen and Joan Isberg-Herron by Gregory Hartnell…

Listen to two former classmates reminisce about live animals brought into their elementary classrooms… and many other bizarre things experienced over four and half decades or so…

Australian-born animal liberationist Lynn Hancock was an early friend of David Suzuki and her classes at Monterey Elementary in Oak Bay were places where small children were first introduced to the idea of animal worship, and that they were part of Gaia.

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, highly controversial ‘green’ Gaian Globalist ‘junk science’ or scientistic theories of transhumanist evolution, anthropogenic ‘global warming’, rationalized geo-engineering, animal liberation, overpopulation hysteria, ‘clean peaceful safe nuclear energy’,  ‘compassionate englightened eugenics’, ‘sustainability’ cultism, ‘climate change’ alarmism, and ‘humanitarian intervention pro-emptive war’ propaganda were introduced  into all of the elementary public school classrooms around  the world, and Oak Bay in the late sixties was no exception.

Long before the BBC, the CBC, the Discovery or History Channels, UN Agenda 21 ‘Local Sustainable Development’ or the Earth Charter, the National Geographic Society monthly magazine and its Canadian counterpart provided monthly Globalist brainwashing propaganda to the middle classes in North America in praise of the Utopian New World Order’s  fascist-socialist corporatist economic cartelization schemes, the Death Cult’s obsessive race-based anthropological classification systems, their drone photos for geographic mapping and their relentless planetary ‘family planning’ (depopulation) pornography .

Hollywood has long been a key production and distribution centre of such anti-humanist’green’ Gaian Globalist propaganda.

It is fascinating to hear these truth-seekers as they describe their own awakening to faith in God, grave doubts about the dangerous eugenicist Agenda of the planet-worshiping Globalists and the inexorable spiritual call to peaceful activism.

We learn that all of us have been programmed into a dumbed-down denial of the obvious by the Machiavellian mind control of a kind of evil Matrix, but that there is true freedom to be found in our personal faith in, love for and hope to always be with the Creator.

That faith, love and hope empowers us to find and recognize new energy to use on all of our own God-given talents to keep spreading the Good News of the Gospel.

Thanks, Joani and Stephen, for your honesty, humility and inspiration!

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell (alias: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’), Editor

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8 comments on “STEPHEN SHELLEN: ACTOR TO ACTIVIST + FAITH IS FREEDOM: Joan Isberg-Herron interviews former Rockland resident on his current work as a Christian activist-artist @ Radio Malaspina’s CharacterDriven podcasts from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island: CHLY 101.7 FM …

    • Saint John’s Gospel emphasizes that the God we worship is Love.

      Father Lucien Larre called the late great ‘battling barrister’ Douglas H. Christie ‘a saint for our time’ and that ‘Saint Doug Christie of Victoria’ was a courageous Christian hero whose shoes will be hard to fill.

      Christie was Canada’s foremost free speech defender, and he represented me in a still pending internet police surveillance trial.

      Doug Christie warned us about Orwellian technology, and the New World Order tyrannies that come with them.

      I cannot fill his shoes.

      Does Dr. Judy Wood’s thesis make complete sense to you, I wonder, Steven?

      I heard four hours of your podcast with her, Pete Santilli and Joani, and I think I should listen to the full five hours all in one day, or one hour a day…

      Thanks for the thought-provoking comment, and hope you and your family are well.

      Love to your mum when you next see her… my wife Dawn works with her at Mt. Ed.


  • Thanks Greg! Amazing work you’re doing and I’m so glad Stephen put me back in touch with you. I’d love to talk– and to have you on the show one day. I know Ken would be 100% on board if he were with us today and am so thankful for him/you and our friendship. Hope you’ll stay in touch!

    • Thanks, Joani! I’ve been invited on Ron MacIsaac’s interview show on Shaw TV public access April 19, 12:30 pm, so interest in Agenda 21 seems to be picking up…

      I would be honoured to be interviewed on your radio show, just for old time’s sake, and to help introduce some new listeners to your good work on Radio Malaspina.

      There isn’t any kind of radio show like yours on the air down here, I don’t think…

      Peace of Love of Christ


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