‘WHO IS GOYO DE LA ROSA’? “I enjoy art, don’t regret painting Earth Walk rainbow banners in 1993, but now I certainly resist ‘green’ Globalism, says Rockland artist-LA ROSA editor-historian Gregory Hartnell (‘Goyo de la Rosa’), seeking nomination as a FREE SPEECH INDEPENDENT NON-PARTISAN candidate, Victoria Beacon Hill… PLEASE email: gregoryhartnell@yahoo.ca … Read Gregory Hartnell + ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ + LA ROSA: goyodelarosa.wordpress.com + Tel. 250 382 97 67 + Write: G.P.M. H., 1357 Rockland, Vic V8S 1V7

Published April 20, 2013 by goyodelarosa



GOYO DE LA ROSA: Details of preliminary designs for EARTH WEEK-EARTH WALK overhead street banner, circa 1993


The unjust war-mongering Globalist Times Colonist published a full colour photo by Lyle Stafford of the Earth Walk banner which I naively painted in 1993 in Chinatown, not knowing any better.

The Earth Walk banners were painted by myself without assistance, upstairs on the roof of the corner building above the Quanlee’s grocery store, accessed from Andy Sinat’s famous topfloor studio, next to which I had sublet another studio for a couple of years…

Andy encouraged me to paint both banners out there on the roof, which worked great for ventilation and space.  I hope I didn’t bring him to much grief from his landlord for any reason, and appreciate his support to this day…

I can’t find a copy of Stafford’s colour photo online, but it was published on the back page D12 of the GO EXPLORE section of the Thursday, April 18, 2013 number of what some people call the ‘Crimes Communist.’

Shamefully, the TC pushes trash culture with all its might, and so they put a full colour first page photo of the Motley Crue band on the front of the section, coming to you soon at your publicly funded white elephant of an arena… this is certainly not culture of any quality that taxpayers should subsidize, but of course we do, and have been subsidizing the importation of this type of trash culture ever since the damn place was built.



‘Goyo de la Rosa’ is on the left, EARTH WALK banner behind joyous friends of LA ROSA


Anyway, I had fun painting two similar designs on different-sized banners provided to me by the peace group of the day, who had just changed the name of the event.

After the now infamous big eugenicist ‘green’ Globalist conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 (which produced United Nations’ Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’), the Victoria peace group changed the name of the event to Earth Walk from Peace Walk, so they needed their old banners to be painted over, each using a different type of paint.

One banner was hung across Douglas Street near the Dairy Queen bend in the street, and the other is usually carried by Earth Walkers at the front of the parade, thus making a very colourful photo opportunity, as it has psychedelic rainbow colours, definitely influenced by my stay in old San Francisco.

I now see ‘green’ Globalism as a very dangerous eugenicist cult and so I resist it with every ounce of my Christian blood, and so, even though it was a pleasant experience at the time, I now regret the misleading message I am responsible for having painted, in my ignorance, on these ‘green’ Globalist propaganda pieces of historically significant art.

This seems odd for me to admit to my fellow ageing hippies, other interested anti-Globalists and pro-life readers now, but it is the stark and mysterious truth of the circular historical path of my pilgrimage to the Almighty at 60 years old.

Today, if God wills it and weather permitting, I’ll go down to Sainte Anne’s with the Earth Walkers, as an interested historian, as a free man seeking nomination signatures to stand as an independent  non partisan candidate in the upcoming provincial election, but certainly not in solidarity with the evil eugenicist New World Order of tyrannical ‘green’ Globalism… never, but certainly in resistance to it.



Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell (‘Goyo de la Rosa’)


SYMBOLIST ART HISTORY BLOG: Rockland Rosa Triplex: davidjure.wordpress.com/

POLITICAL DRAMATIC HISTORY BLOG: LA ROSA: goyodelarosa.wordpress.com/

TEL. 250 382 97 67

Email: gregoryhartnell@yahoo.ca



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