5 comments on “HOBO STEVE’S ‘STOP MONSANTO NO GMO’ SOLO DEMO IN NEW DENVER, Kimberley Ange photo shows weedy sidewalk, realtor’s sign in window of vacant building behind Stephen Shellenberger (symbolic of failed ‘sustainable’ Agenda 21 planning?)

  • Great stuff, we all need to get out and voice our opinions, APATHY my friends, is the greatest crime. Stephen is fearless not just about addressing Monsanto but the evil Cabal, Agenda 21., Ritual Abuse etc. Fear not, Grab the light and shine it into those darkened corners, exposing the hypocrisies and lies.

    • Thanks, Kim and Susan, for your comments about ‘Hobo Steve’.

      Anyone who understands and speaks out against UN Agenda 21 is already free from Globalist tyranny.

      As AJ says, ‘if you are reading this message, you are part of the Resistance.’

      Blessings of the Most Holy Trinity to all of us.

      Gregory Hartnell (‘Goyo de la Rosa’)
      Editor, LA ROSA

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