‘HOBO STEVE’ WAS A TARGETED HOLLYWOOD WHISTLEBLOWER: Truther Girls interview with Rockland Christian activist artist ‘Steven Shellenberger’ (nom d’artiste of Stephen Shellen)

Published May 31, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Was Stephen Shellen, star of A River Runs Through It with Brad Pitt and about forty other films, targeted by the Illuminati before he became an ex-Hollywood whistleblower exposing MK Ultra mind control of celebrities and others in the Satanic capital?

Stephen Shellen

Stephen Shellen grew up in Victoria, British Columbia where he was his high school’s star hockey player before heading north to work as a lumberjack. After catching the attention of a talent scout in Vancouver, he decided to try his hand at acting, spurred on in part by the memory of a less-than-appreciative audience during his first stage performance in junior high… See full bio »

There is no payback or credit that accrues when one comes out of this dark world and starts naming names.

So, why do some people say that this intense Rockland artist is ‘crazy’ for telling these kinds of  wild-sounding stories about being the target of years of harassment?

In fact, his life may be in more danger now than it ever was in Hollywood as he declares himself to be an enemy of the Satanic New World Order.

I say that everyone in the anti-Globalist Liberty movement needs to pay very close attention to people like Stephen Shellen, Elizabeth Nickson (author of The Monkey Puzzle Tree and Eco-Fascists), Roseanne Barr and others who talk, write and make videos about these tabu subjects, in the same way we need to pay very close attention to the countercultural narratives of those like the late great battling barrister Douglas Christie, his client Ernst Zundel, Jewish writer Paul Eisen and many others who speak out against the oppressive, nasty tyrannical ‘green’ Globalist regime which makes it a thought crime to even question the decadent Establishment’s twisted and patently false versions of history.

Zundel is still incarcerated in his native Germany for the Orwellian thought crime of so-called ‘Holocaust denial’.

Mind control comes in various guises.

In Illuminati-controlled Canada, it starts in the provincial public school system of Globalist propaganda dissemination, right from kindergarten to Grade 12 (‘K-12’).

For access to a link to one of many videos that Stephen Shellen has made recently, speaking candidly and without fear with the Truther Girls, please refer to the comments section.

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

Rockland Rosa Triplex and LA ROSA



11 comments on “‘HOBO STEVE’ WAS A TARGETED HOLLYWOOD WHISTLEBLOWER: Truther Girls interview with Rockland Christian activist artist ‘Steven Shellenberger’ (nom d’artiste of Stephen Shellen)

  • Yup, pretty soon Stephen will not be such a freak reporting about what he experienced in terms of intellectual property theft and the targeting he endured including but not limited to death threats, constant harassment and break ins much of which I can attest to now as I have been with him through some of it and it is truly unbelievable! Also the original interview with Sonia from the Truther Girls is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf2JRNW6ARk

    What is amazing is that it all started because he had wanted to know who beat up his wife (ex now obviously) and who had threatened his young son to be hurt if he talked to his daddy (Stephen). He sees all this as somewhat as a blessing in disguise as it threw him down the rabbit hole and he learned that certain nefarious governing bodies do not have our best interests in mind and that a dark Cabal is intent on destroying most of us, especially those willing to risk it all and speak out. Stephen also sees the film and entertainment industry for what it primarily is…a giant, extremely powerful programming tool for the masses; the Propaganda Machine! We both have speculated that because he’s always marched to his own beat that perhaps his targeting happened long before the crisis with his children as he was, in his own way, uncontrollable and never reverent to anyone just because they had money or power. The world around us is indeed waking up during his past 17 year ordeal and now as more people are recognizing the negative effects of the evil Cabal, his situation seems less shocking. Cointelpro tactics have been around for quite a while and this form of mind bending is a sport to the cowards behind it. I would like to say bravo to you Gregory for expressing an interest and sharing many of our concerns about this satanic Cabal and helping to expose it.

  • Thanks, Stephen and Kim, for your courage.

    By propagating such information, you are serving a whole new growing audience of formerly confused people who are slowly waking up, and we appreciate it.

    TRUTHER GIRLS INTERVIEW: Targeted individuals part 1: Stephen Shellen

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