SCOTT McDOUGALL’S SPLIT FOUNTAIN HIEROGLYPHICS: Seattle area 1966 – 1969 Psychedelic Concert Posters book: Stile Liberty @ Kickstarter, The Rock Poster Society + Rockland Rosa Triplex

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Poster A -  hand signed by Scott McDougall



Split Fountain Hieroglyphics by Scott McDougall on Kickstarter


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Another year, another Rifflandia Music Festival, another chance to do a sweet ad for Smoking Lily in the Riff magazine.



The Victoria Django Festival updated the event photo.
The Victoria Django Festival's photo.



The Victoria Django Festival: Brishen, Pearl Django, Daniel Lapp, February 14-15, 2014, poster printed December 2013, PARIS GYPSY JAZZ c. 1920 in Victoria, Vancouver Island

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The Victoria Django Festival updated the event photo.
The Victoria Django Festival's photo.

‘DJANGO WAS MY GREATEST FRIEND IN FRANCE’: Oscar Aleman y Django Reinardt @ OSCAR ALEMAN: + Rockland Rosa Triplex

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Reinhardt vs. Alemán

”I knew Django Reinhardt well. He used to say jazz was gipsy – we often argued over that.

I agree with many Americans I met in France who said he played very well but with too many gipsy tricks.

He had very good technique for both hands, or rather one hand and a pick, because he always played with a pick.

Not me, I play with my fingers.

There are things you can’t do with a pick – you can’t strike the treble with two fingers and play something else on the bass string.

– But I admired him and he was my friend.

He was my greatest friend in France.

We played together many times, just for ourselves. I used to go to his wagon, where he lived. I’ve slept and eaten there – and also played! He had three or four guitars. Django never asked anyone to go to his wagon, but he made an exception with me. I appreciated him, and I believe the feeling was mutual”. (OA in an interview, quoted from article by Tómas MooneyOscar Alemán: Swing Guitarist, Jazz Journal International, Vol. 35, No. 4 + 5 (1982))

Alemán and Reinhardt are frequently compared in the few references to Alemán in jazz literature. However, such a comparison is most often based on a coincidence of time and space, not on musical reasons. Anyone who listens with care to the records of Alemán and Reinhardt will notice there is only a superficial likeness between them and that it is not difficult to differentiate them.
Django Reinhardt is deservedly considered a guitar genius among critics, and his many records and compositions have earned him an eternal place of honor in the jazz guitarists’ Hall of Fame. Oscar Alemán has often been considered a clone of the ‘hot jazz’ Gypsy school brought to fame by Django and his followers, but as mentioned above there are differences between the two guitarists to be noticed, if you evaluate a serious comparison of their style of playing and consept of the music. To give readers of this entry an opportunity to make a comparison and draw their own conclusions, we should open our ears and lend them to two examples of the same piece of music. And to meet the persistent holders of the ‘Django-clone’ point-of-view in the case of Oscar Alemán, I have chosen the tune ‘Daphne’composed by Reinhardt/Grappelli and recorded several times by him in various settings. On the other hand, ‘Daphne’ is the only composition by Reinhardt that Alemán recorded among his own output, but it gives us a chance to consider his consept of the music in comparison with Django’s version, I think. However, you may judge for yourself, of course.- Here is first Django’s version of ‘Daphne’ from a recording made in September 1937 – musicians are: Eddie South, Stéphane Grappelli (vln); Django Reinhardt (g); Roger Chaput (g); Wilson Myers (b)
The second video-take of ‘Daphne’ is Alemán’s recording of the tune with his Orquesta de Swing from September 1952 as issued on the Odeon 55511 78 rpm disc



DEAD COTTON BLUES: Classic Wes Wilson rock poster shows black hooded figure holding orange peace symbol, Nov. 18-19, 1966, Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco + The Rock Poster Society (TRPS) + LA ROSA

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The Rock Poster Society (TRPS)
On this day in 1966,Grateful DeadJames Cotton Blues Band, Lothar and the Hand People at The Fillmore, rock poster by Wes Wilson
On this day in 1966, @[6394861658:274:Grateful Dead], @[107997839223530:274:James Cotton] Blues Band, Lothar and the Hand People at The Fillmore, rock poster by @[109149630200:274:Wes Wilson]

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CÉLYNE GAGNON: ‘Beau temps, mauvais temps: un rendez-vous en chansons’ de Vancouver @ ESPACE MUSIQUE

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Célyne Gagnon


Édition Colombie-Britannique

  • Beau temps, mauvais temps (CHANSON)
  • Beau temps, mauvais temps convie les auditeurs, en semaine, à un rendez-vous en chanson axé sur l’actualité musicale et culturelle de chacune des régions. Cette programmation conviviale allie valeurs sûres et découvertes.

    Du lundi au vendredi de 8h30 à 12h

    Réalisation: Diane Maheux

MUDDY WATERS BLUES BAND, Quicksilver Messenger Service: Nov. 4, 5, 6, 1966 WES WILSON poster @ The Rock Poster Society + LA ROSA

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On this day in 1966, Muddy Waters Blues Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Andrew Staples at The Fillmore, rock poster by Wes Wilson

Photo: On this day in 1966, Muddy Waters Blues Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Andrew Staples at The Fillmore, rock poster by Wes Wilson

ALEXANDRA FISCHER’S WAGNERIAN MAIDENS BIKE TO BIKETOBERFEST MARIN: Long-braided redheaded Druid damsel also points to MOONALICE concert in Fairfax, Cali., Sat., Oct. 12, 2013

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Photo: Alexandra Fischer's fantastic poster for Biketoberfest Marin this Saturday at 4:30pm PT in Fairfax, CA!!!

  1. Alexandra Fischer‘s fantastic poster for Biketoberfest Marin this Saturday at 4:30pm PT in Fairfax, CA!!!

FREEDOM + SOLUTIONS RALLY SEEKS ARTISTS: We Are Change Victoria presents 3rd Annual Freedom + Solutions Rally, Saturday, October 26, 2013, 12 Noon to 2 p.m., B.C. LEGISLATURE… New poster designs encouraged by writes Josh Steffler

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Pat Klugh

Cover Photo

hello good people of WACV! we need a few things done ASAP….for the rally coming up

1. We need handbills made up, one that says our next 2 film nights, our upcoming rally and our weekly meetings. the handbill wouuld be best in Black and white for cheap printing and better if there was 4-6 a page so one sheet which costs 0.08 can be given to many people, we can also print double sided pages for the same cost. If you get me the file done, I will print up 100 which could give us 4-600 by saturday to hand out.

2. We need some more posters made up, a few for the rally that also look good in Black and white, and for the next film night which is November 3rd and we will be screening “take back your power” which is a film about the dangers of smart meters. something creative like an all seeing eye or something….short slogans about smart meter surveillance….if we get these done, we can use the kitty to print them up.

I am not very skilled in poster making, I apologize for that, but we need to be able to get things done without having to have meetings all the time…I am hoping someone will read this and just take the iniative to make them and forward them to me…if we get a few awesome posters, we can print them all…

main priority is the handbills for the March against Monsanto to promote the good work we all do here…please if I can have them the sooner the better, I know we have amazingly talented people out there…if you want any info on what to put on the posters or handbills message me

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