VICTORIA’S 15TH ANNIVERSARY SKA FEST POSTER: July 1 – 5: Anti-human eugenicist Globalist Military Industrial Complex Growlers are chemspraying this festival, like NWO did to Vic Jazzfest 2014…

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Peace of the Holy Spirit during the storm: Saint Scholastica with her twin brother Saint Benedict, azulejos mural, Camí dels Degotalls, Montserrat, Catalonia. Photo: Jordiferrer @ Wikimedia commons + Rockland Rosa Triplex

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File:Camí dels Degotalls (Montserrat) – rajoles decorades – 02.jpg

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File:Camí dels Degotalls (Montserrat) - rajoles decorades - 02.jpg


English: Decorated tiles in Camí dels Degotalls, Montserrat mountain, Catalonia. Saint Scholastica
Català: Rajoles decorades al Camí dels Degotalls, Muntanya de Montserrat, Catalunya. Santa Escolàstica
Date 12 June 2013, 13:43:56
Source Own work
Author Jordiferrer

BEARDLESS JESUS WITH WITH ANGELS, SAINTS MARY MAGDALENE + MARTHA IN GLASGOW ‘SPOOK SCHOOL’ ARCHED STAINED GLASS WINDOW : Saint Mungo Museum of Religious Life + Art, Glasgow, Scotland. ‘Erected by Wm. Johnson, 1905.’ Maltesedog foto: Wikimedia Commons + Rockland Rosa Triplex

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English: Stained Glass at St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art
Source Own work
Author Maltesedog

DOORS + The Sopwith Camel, The Young Rascals at The Fillmore, rock poster by Wes Wilson @ The Rock Poster Society (TRPS) + Rockland Rosa Triplex

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On this day in 1967, The Doors, The Sopwith Camel, The Young Rascals at The Fillmore, rock poster by Wes Wilson

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JOHN FRANCIS BOSHER’S ‘IMPERIAL VANCOUVER ISLAND’ + Vancouver Island in the Empire By J.F. Bosher: ‘Almost 1,400 pages’ of Anglomaniac Masonic history of Van Isle in English Empire

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John Francis Bosher lets the Masonic cat out of the bag…

Vancouver Island in the Empire

Front Cover
Llumina Press
  • Vancouver Island in the Empire By J.F. Bosher
  • Llumina, 543 pages, $37.95

This huge weird book detailing the destructive dominance of  a century of Anglican Masonic Imperial history on Vancouver Island (1850 -1950) will be available on January 1, 2014 at the Oak Bay branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library.

Nauseatingly anti-Catholic in its twisted perspective, Mr. Bosher’s magnum opus nevertheless inadvertently exposes the longstanding paternalistic bigotry of both the Anglican Establishment and the Protestant Glorious Revolution in English history.

I now consider a deep study of such English Protestant Anglican Imperial history to be indispensable to any post-modernist student’s understanding of the history of meddlesome Masonic militaristic influence on the new ‘green’ Globalist Empire and the so-called ‘New World Order’ which is nothing more than the current variation on the tiresome eugenicist Death Cult theme with which we are becoming increasingly familiar.

Bosher shows how these divisive and hateful heretical forces were later exploited,  exported and implemented throughout the evil Empire by a determined minority of Masonic military careerists.

These bigoted English Protestant semi-retired and still active military men formed a police force modeled on the Northern Irish constabulary, and were used to control the newly converted Catholic aboriginals, Metis and Quebecois voyageurs employees of the HBC (‘half-breed Canadiens’), Irish republicans (‘Fenian terrorists’) and American expansionists (‘Yankee imperialists’), who in the first two decades of the Van Isle colony’s existence came to comprise the majority of the residents of this ‘Edenic’ outpost of the decadent English colonial Empire.

So-called ‘Freemasonry’ was the real occult religion at the heart of this evil Protestant Empire.

I take issue with Bosher’s whole worldview, therefor, which is very obviously bigoted.

Catholics are still ostracized from the Anglican Protestant Masonic Establishment in Victoria, British Columbia,  Canada, and all of the Commonwealth, I daresay.

That is as it should be, as no good Catholic should be a member of a lodge, and I include the Rotary, Oddfellows, Shriners, etc.

As hopeful orthodox Christian Catholics, we should not be part of the resurgent Masonic New World Order with its horrifyingly evil Death Cult eugenics programme of massive depopulation, as mandated by the United Nations in Agenda 21 and codified in the New World Order’s own new universal religion, called the Earth Charter.

Peace of Christ

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

‘Goyo de la Rosa’ (Nom d’artiste)

Rockland Rosa Triplex


Detailed Island history a rewarding look at our past


AUGUST 5, 2012 01:00 AM

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  • Vancouver Island in the Empire By J.F. Bosher
  • Llumina, 543 pages, $37.95

A couple of years ago, one of the most comprehensive books ever written about the early years of Vancouver Island arrived with a thud.

At 839 pages, J.F. Bosher’s Imperial Vancouver Island was a substantial piece of work.

With biographies of 769 people who lived here during the 100 years he called the Imperial century, the book is an essential reference work for anyone digging into our past…

Vancouver Island in the Empire tells the story of the development of the Island, as seen and influenced by people from the British Empire.

That narrow focus means that not every aspect of our history is included, but that work can be left to others.

And besides, it is hard to think of a set of books totalling almost 1,400 pages as having a focus too narrow.

Bosher makes it clear that the Imperial influence was felt throughout the Island, and in the day-to-day lives of just about everyone here.

Bosher deals with just about every aspect of life here, from schools and churches to businesses and industries, from the young to the old, from the city to the country.

He argues that people from the British Isles were much more interested in, and much more respectful of, the First Nations in the area than were the Canadians or Americans who arrived here.

Bosher came to this belief based on several sources, including an analysis of history books and their authors, amateur anthropologists and collectors of native artifacts. The latter helped ensure, he says, that these items were preserved to this day.

The author’s goal, with this book and his previous effort, was to illustrate the social fabric of people and families linking Vancouver Island to the British Isles and the rest of the Empire.

In reaching for that goal, Bosher explores our history like no others have done. His perspective offers a different view on our past, and gives us a better sense of the forces that helped shape our community.

The publication of Vancouver Island in the Empire marks a dozen years of research, compilation and writing by Bosher. His work is destined to become one of the most important references available to us, for years to come, thanks to Bosher’s rich amount of detail.

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BRIAN TURNBULL, “SALT OF THE EARTH”: ‘LA PREMIERE ETOILE’ DE ROCKLAND ET VALLEYFIELD: Rest in peace our beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin + friend. Please donate to Victoria Hospice.

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TURNBULL, Brian March 13, 1937 – December 27, 2013 Ladies and Gentleman, the local sports world has lost a great athlete and contributor in the development of many sporting organizations. Our quiet and humble M.V.P. skated off to that big rink in the sky this Christmas season. His whole team was present to cheer him on including his #1 Winger and beloved Wife Lorraine and the rest of the first line: Tom (Lynne), Cathy Wiese (Barry), John and Mike (Kelly). 11 grandchildren, nephews, nieces and cousins are cheering from the stands. La première étoile had a huge following of fans all of which are welcome to the celebration at St. Andrews Cathedral on Friday January 3, 2014 at 12 pm, reception to follow. Special thanks to all the Medical team and home care that were so wonderful throughout this journey. Rest in peace our beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin and friend. In lieu of flowers please donate to the Victoria Hospice Foundation.

Published in The Times Colonist from Dec. 29, 2013 to Jan. 2, 2014

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FREEDOM + SOLUTIONS RALLY SEEKS ARTISTS: We Are Change Victoria presents 3rd Annual Freedom + Solutions Rally, Saturday, October 26, 2013, 12 Noon to 2 p.m., B.C. LEGISLATURE… New poster designs encouraged by writes Josh Steffler

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Pat Klugh

Cover Photo

hello good people of WACV! we need a few things done ASAP….for the rally coming up

1. We need handbills made up, one that says our next 2 film nights, our upcoming rally and our weekly meetings. the handbill wouuld be best in Black and white for cheap printing and better if there was 4-6 a page so one sheet which costs 0.08 can be given to many people, we can also print double sided pages for the same cost. If you get me the file done, I will print up 100 which could give us 4-600 by saturday to hand out.

2. We need some more posters made up, a few for the rally that also look good in Black and white, and for the next film night which is November 3rd and we will be screening “take back your power” which is a film about the dangers of smart meters. something creative like an all seeing eye or something….short slogans about smart meter surveillance….if we get these done, we can use the kitty to print them up.

I am not very skilled in poster making, I apologize for that, but we need to be able to get things done without having to have meetings all the time…I am hoping someone will read this and just take the iniative to make them and forward them to me…if we get a few awesome posters, we can print them all…

main priority is the handbills for the March against Monsanto to promote the good work we all do here…please if I can have them the sooner the better, I know we have amazingly talented people out there…if you want any info on what to put on the posters or handbills message me

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ROSA D’ABRIL: Mare de Déu de Montserrat or ‘Moreneta’, “Rosa d’abril, Morena de la serra…” (April rose, dusky lady of the mountain chain…), ‘BLACK MADONNA’ statue of Virgin Mary + infant Christ venerated at Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery on Montserrat mountain in Catalunya

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Virgin of Montserrat


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Virgin of Montserrat

The Virgin of Montserrat (CatalanMare de Déu de Montserrat or Moreneta) is a statue of the Virgin Mary and infant Christ venerated at the Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery in the Montserrat mountain in Catalonia. It is one of the black Madonnas of Europe, hence its familiar Catalan name, la Moreneta (“The little dark-skinned one”). Believed by some to have been carved in Jerusalem in the early days of the Church, it is more likely a Romanesque sculpture in wood from the late 12th century.[1]

History [edit]

“La Moreneta”

The mountain of Montserrat has been of religious significance since pre-Christian times, when the Romans built a temple to honor Venus.[2]

By one account, the image of the Madonna was moved to Montserrat in 718, to avoid the danger posed by invading Saracens.[3]

Legend has it that the Benedictine monks could not move the statue to construct their monastery, choosing to instead build around it. The statue’s sanctuary is located at the rear of the chapel, where an altar of gold surrounds the icon, and is now a site of pilgrimage.

In 2001 renovators working for the government observed that the black hands and face of La Moreneta, had over the centuries undergone a change in colour. They attribute the change either to prolonged exposure to candle smoke or a chemical reaction caused by a varnish used as a paint sealant. The statue was repainted black by successive generations of restorers. A series of tests, including X-rays, revealed the statue’s original colour and also showed that the last repainting took place at the turn of the 18th century.[4]


Upon his recovery from battle wounds, Ignatius of Loyola visited the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat (March 25, 1522), where he laid down his military accouterments before the image.[3] Then he led a period of asceticism before later founding the Society of Jesus.

On September 11, 1881, Pope Leo XIII declared the virgin of Montserrat patroness of Catalonia (Saint George is another patron saint.)

The hymn to the Virgin of Montserrat, known as Virolai and sung every day by the Escolania de Montserrat, begins with the words:“Rosa d’abril, Morena de la serra…” (April rose, dusky lady of the mountain chain…). Therefore this virgin is sometimes also known as “Rosa d’abril”.[5]


The statue has always been considered one of the most celebrated images in Spain. However, like Our Lady of Einsiedeln in Switzerland, its popularity is primarily regional.[3] “La Moreneta” is Catalonia’s patron saint.[4]


The Jesuits operate Monserrat Retreat House in Lake Dallas, Texas.[6]

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ELIZABETH NICKSON’S NEW BOOK: ‘Eco-Fascists exposes the major fallacies of the environmental movement,’ Look inside kindle @ Rockland + Goyo de la Rosa’s LA ROSA

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Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage

Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage

Elizabeth Nickson (Author)

Book Description
Publication Date: October 16, 2012

An investigative reporter documents the destructive impact of the environmental movement in North America and beyond.

When journalist Elizabeth Nickson sought to subdivide her twenty-eight acres on Salt Spring Island in the Pacific Northwest, she was confronted by the full force and power of the radical conservationists who had taken over the local zoning council. She soon discovered that she was not free to do what she wanted with her land, and that in the view of these arrogant stewards it wasn’t really hers at all. Nickson’s long, frustrating, and eyeopening encounter with these zealots started her on a journey to investigate and expose the hugely destructive impact of the environmental movement on ordinary people and communities across North America—and the world.

What she discovered is shocking. Forty million Americans have been driven from their land, and rural culture is being systematically crushed, even as wildlife, forests, and rangelands are dying. In Eco-Fascists, Nickson explores how environmental radicals have taken over government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. The result? A wholesale sequestration of forest, range, and water—more than 40 percent of North America—impoverishing us all, especially the most vulnerable. This confiscation of America’s natural heritage is a major factor contributing to our current economic decline; until it is acknowledged and addressed, our economy will not recover.

Nickson traces the tens of billions of dollars environmental nonprofits marshal every year to promote the notion that our essential natural systems are collapsing, and finds, in a brutal example of self-fulfilling prophesy, that their corrupted science is desertifying the heartland. She visits once-thriving communities that are turning to ghost towns because environmental legislation has forced mines, ranches, and mills to close and has forbidden critical forest, range, park, and wilderness maintenance.

Eco-Fascists exposes the major fallacies of the environmental movement—from wildlife protection to zoning to forest-fire management—and introduces us to the individuals who are fighting back. Fast-paced, highly accessible, and sure to be controversial, this is a work that will change the national conversation about environmental protection and its impact.

About the Author

Columnist, investigative journalist, and novelist Elizabeth Nickson was European bureau chief of Life magazine and a reporter for Time magazine, and has written for many international publications. She lives on Salt Spring Island in the Pacific Northwest.