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Saint Luke, White Abbey, North Transept Window stained glass detail, Kildare, Ireland. Photo: Andreas F. Borchert, wikimedia commons + ROCKLAND ROSA TRIPLEX

Published October 19, 2014 by goyodelarosa


White Abbey

North Transept Window

Saint Luke Detail

2013 09 04.jpg

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Description White Abbey, Kildare, County Kildare, Ireland

English: Detail of left stained glass window in the north wall of the north transept, depicting Saint Luke.
Date 4 September 2013
Source Self-photographed
Author Andreas F. Borchert
Reference 2013/22327


Vancouver Latin American Film Festival’s 2014 image: ”THE FEELING SYSTEM” by Ricardo Luévanos, Paulina Barragán, steve chow, Paulo Gutiérrez @ VLAFF + Rockland Rosa Triplex

Published August 5, 2014 by goyodelarosa



THE FEELING SYSTEM.             


Image and concept: Ricardo Luévanos.

Model: Paulina Barragán.

Typography and additional design: steve chow

We are networks. Human beings are connected by emotions that create a “feeling system”; This system integrates images and sounds that make us see the world: looking through a lens that captures realities, these realities in turn are assimilated through a complex process involving the heart – as a metaphor for the emotional – – and reason.

Cinema could be a representation of the “feeling system”; through this system we can see an immeasurable repertoire of ideas, feelings and emotions that allows us to recognize ourselves in other eyes and other voices. The “feeling system” moves us out of isolation and links us to others, those who are far from us, those who speak different languages.

The “feeling system” allows reflection and peace.

Paulo Gutiérrez.



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‘SON OF THUNDER’ WITH PURPLE HALO: Codex Calixtinus (Liber Sancti Jacobi) c. 1130-1140, Santiago de Compostela: Saint James the Greater icon, Vicky petereit upload @ Wikimedia commons + Rockland Rosa Triplex

Published July 27, 2014 by goyodelarosa


Santiago Codex Calixtinus

Public Domain

This file is lacking author information. – Codex Calixtinus, Folio 4r (excerpt)



ROLF HARRIS PAINTED ELIZABETH WINDSOR’S PORTRAIT (but now they don’t know where it is!), reports Peter Walker @

Published July 10, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Rolf Harris’s portrait of the Queen nowhere to be seen

Oil painting marking monarch’s 80th birthday is apparently not with Walker Art Gallery or Buckingham Palace
Rolf Harris portrait Queen

Following Rolf Harris’s initial arrest in November 2012 the painting’s whereabouts became unknown. Photograph: Nils Jorgensen/Rex Features

Among the minor mysteries thrown up by the Rolf Harris case one has proved particularly intractable: what happened to the portrait he painted of the Queen in 2005?

The oil painting marking the monarch’s 80th birthday, which saw her pose twice for the Australian-born artist and entertainer, took two months to complete. It was unveiled by her in the yellow drawing room of Buckingham Palace in 2006.

Showing the Queen in a relatively informal pose, smiling while wearing a turquoise dress and sitting in a chair, the artwork faced a slightly mixed critical reaction but nonetheless marked arguably the peak of Harris’s national status. While mainly known over his 60-year entertainment career as a TV star who sketched at lightning speed, Harris first came to the UK to study art and is known to cherish his reputation as a serious painter, specialising in portraits.

After its unveiling the picture was hung in the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace until 2007, until it was passed to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, where it was on view until mid-2012.

But following Harris’s initial arrest later that year the painting’s whereabouts became unknown. The Walker gallery said at the time it had returned the picture to Buckingham Palace, but officials there stressed it was never part of the Royal Collection and was not with them.

The process of painting the picture was covered by BBC television, and there was a suggestion the corporation might possess the picture. But a BBC spokeswoman said she did not know its whereabouts. “We do not have it in our collection,” she said.

The seeming conclusion is that Harris has the painting. However, a spokesman for his PR firm, Bell Pottinger, said he was unable to find out any information on this.



VICTORIA’S 15TH ANNIVERSARY SKA FEST POSTER: July 1 – 5: Anti-human eugenicist Globalist Military Industrial Complex Growlers are chemspraying this festival, like NWO did to Vic Jazzfest 2014…

Published July 4, 2014 by goyodelarosa

SCOTT McDOUGALL’S SPLIT FOUNTAIN HIEROGLYPHICS: Seattle area 1966 – 1969 Psychedelic Concert Posters book: Stile Liberty @ Kickstarter, The Rock Poster Society + Rockland Rosa Triplex

Published July 1, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Poster A -  hand signed by Scott McDougall



Split Fountain Hieroglyphics by Scott McDougall on Kickstarter

ASCENSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST: Pietro Perugino: Ascensione di Cristo, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Francia @ Wikimedia Commons + Rockland Rosa Triplex

Published May 30, 2014 by goyodelarosa

File:Pietro Perugino cat48c.jpg

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Wikimedia Commons


Pietro Perugino: Polittico di San Pietro (Ascensione di Cristo), Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Francia

Cat. no. 48 in Vittoria Garibaldi: Perugino. Catalogo completo. Octavo, Firenze 2000, ISBN 88-8030-091-1

Date 1496-1500

Source Vittoria Garibaldi: Perugino. Silvana, Milano 2004, ISBN 88-8215-813-6

Pietro Perugino (1448–1523)


Saint Catherine of Siena Exchanging Her Heart with Christ, Giovanni di Paolo, tempera, gold on wood, circa 1460, Metropolitan Museum photo @ Wikimedia commons + Rockland Rosa Triplex

Published April 29, 2014 by goyodelarosa

File:Giovanni di Paolo Saint Catherine of Siena Exchanging Her Heart with Christ.jpg

File:Giovanni di Paolo Saint Catherine of Siena Exchanging Her Heart with Christ.jpg

From Wikimedia Commons:

Giovanni di Paolo (1403–1482)

Saint Catherine of Siena Exchanging Her Heart with Christ

Date circa 1460
Tempera and gold on wood

Metropolitan Museum