FREEDOM + SOLUTIONS RALLY SEEKS ARTISTS: We Are Change Victoria presents 3rd Annual Freedom + Solutions Rally, Saturday, October 26, 2013, 12 Noon to 2 p.m., B.C. LEGISLATURE… New poster designs encouraged by writes Josh Steffler

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Pat Klugh

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hello good people of WACV! we need a few things done ASAP….for the rally coming up

1. We need handbills made up, one that says our next 2 film nights, our upcoming rally and our weekly meetings. the handbill wouuld be best in Black and white for cheap printing and better if there was 4-6 a page so one sheet which costs 0.08 can be given to many people, we can also print double sided pages for the same cost. If you get me the file done, I will print up 100 which could give us 4-600 by saturday to hand out.

2. We need some more posters made up, a few for the rally that also look good in Black and white, and for the next film night which is November 3rd and we will be screening “take back your power” which is a film about the dangers of smart meters. something creative like an all seeing eye or something….short slogans about smart meter surveillance….if we get these done, we can use the kitty to print them up.

I am not very skilled in poster making, I apologize for that, but we need to be able to get things done without having to have meetings all the time…I am hoping someone will read this and just take the iniative to make them and forward them to me…if we get a few awesome posters, we can print them all…

main priority is the handbills for the March against Monsanto to promote the good work we all do here…please if I can have them the sooner the better, I know we have amazingly talented people out there…if you want any info on what to put on the posters or handbills message me

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Richard Gage, Architects + Engineers for 911 Truth @ Goolden Hall, March 26, 2012: will present explosive 9/11 evidence, petition to Canadian Parliament campaign to Victoria concerned citizens

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The Compelling 9/11 Evidence Heads North: AE911Truth Tour of Canada Kicks Off March 24

Written by Nory King

As part of the vital mission of AE911Truth, Richard Gage, AIA, is traveling to our great northern neighbor, Canada, on an eleven-stop speaking tour immediately following his tour of Arizona. Gage will be presenting the explosive 9/11 evidence to concerned citizens across Canada in March and April in conjunction with a campaign to submit a petition demanding an official review of the World Trade Center catastrophe to the Canadian Parliament.

This will be our third trip to Canada, and we have always been met with a good response. During our most recent trip, we joined David Ray Griffin and other esteemed 9/11 researchers at the Toronto Hearings.

AE911Truth Congressional Outreach Team leader Wayne Coste is one of the main organizers of the Canada tour. “There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding this tour,” Coste said. “There is a groundswell of support for the 9/11 Truth movement that is sweeping across Canada.” Gage will begin the tour on Saturday, March 24, at theDenman Place Cinema in Vancouver, British Columbia. Denman Place opened in 1969 and is a must-see landmark in Vancouver.

The next leg of the trip will take Gage to Victoria, where he will speak at Alix Goolden Hall on March 26. Many world-renowned authors, such as Margaret Atwood and Salman Rushdie, have hosted readings under the elegant vaulted ceilings of this former church building.

“I am really looking forward to speaking in Victoria at this historic venue,” said Gage. “It is well known for its fine acoustics and striking stained-glass windows.”

Gage will then tirelessly continue his tour with three stops in Alberta. On Tuesday, March 27, he will speak at Unity of Calgary at 7:00 pm. Unity of Calgary is a non-denominational spiritual group that is a part of the worldwide Unity movement, and AE911Truth’s appearance there continues our effort to reach out to people of all faiths.

Gage will follow up with a presentation in Lethbridge on the following day, and continue on to Edmonton on March 30.

‘Victor Lotto could give Robert Amos a run for his money if he were to compile his numerous local scenes into a book or two like the Times Colonist resident artist-critic has done.’ says ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ @ Rockland

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Shoal Bay



Dawn and I visited Victor Lotto at his home studio on Cotswold, in the Uplands, near the Pollens…

Victor Lotto could give Robert Amos a run for his money if he were to compile his numerous local scenes into a book or two like the Times Colonist resident artist-critic has done.

In any event, I believe Mr. Amos is a fan of Mr. Lotto’s work, as apparently is incumbent Oak Bay Councillor John Herbert, whose campaign sign was out front, along with those of Hazel Braithewaite for Mayor and Kevin Murdoch for Council.

Victor Lotto’s studio is ideally sited toward the eastern morning light, overlooking a mysterious Uplands Garry Oak grove surrounding what he said was the only clay tennis court in Oak Bay.

Victor’s studio is cluttered with numerous examples of his prolific output, primarily acrylics and watercolours of buildings, landscapes and nature studies.

We bought three of Victor Lotto’s reasonably priced note cards of L’Academie Sainte Anne (Saint Ann’s Academy) for $7.00.

“I’ll vote for you now!” quipped the congenial Mr. Lotto.

“I heard nothing, Victor.”

‘Goyo de la Rosa’ recommends voting for Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell for Oak Bay Council!