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ALEX CUBA GOES TO LAS VEGAS IN 2 MONTHS TO COLLECT 2 LATIN GRAMMIES: Alexis Puentes, one of two Puentes Brothers, lived in Fernwood, Victoria

Published September 11, 2010 by goyodelarosa

The exciting news of ex-Fernwood resident Alexis Puentes’ two Latin Grammy nominations made a headline article in Cubaheadlines, whence came this grainy graphic shown above, detail of an earlier album’s cover art.

Alex Cuba

Alexis Puentes, who now goes by the primal moniker ALEX CUBA, was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Male Pop Vocal Album of 2010, for his self-titled ALEX CUBA compact disc (with cover art shown above), and these honours are certainly well deserved.

Here is some trippy  cover art for AGUA DEL POZO, another of Alexis’ albums under the Alex Cuba moniker, taken from his MySpace pages.

My headline was a joke, of course, but it is a happy idea that I predict and certainly hope will come true for Alexis, Sara and Dani in Las Vegas, Nevada in exactly two months’ time.

My wife Dawn Elizabeth Keough and I both love this new dancy ALEX CUBA album, and hope that some day…

Alexis’ brother Adonis Puentes (the other Puentes Brother shown above), who is also very talented and still lives in Victoria, will enjoy similar honours for his own musical work.

Puentes Brothers

… con mucho amor…

 de ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

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