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‘NO CONSPIRACY HERE,’ SAYS CLIMATE ALARMIST DR. ANDREW WEAVER: ‘Chemtrails, Geoengineering + Climate Change. Say What?!’: Oak Bay-Gordon Head ‘green’ politician acts confused about ‘chemtrails’ in latest Freedom Free For All-We Are Change Victoria ambush video @ ESTEE’S SKY WATCH IN VICTORIA B.C. + Rockland Rosa Triplex

Published January 10, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Chemtrails, Geoengineering and Climate Change. Say What?!


Dr. Andrew Weaver, the well-known climate alarmist who pretends he got the Nobel Prize a few years ago for concocting ‘climate models’ in cahoots with the IPCC, the United Nations’ notorious junk science cabal, is clearly nervous while being interviewed and videotaped by awakened concerned citizenry from We Are Change Victoria and Freedom Free For All in a Protestant church in Gordon Head.

A former professor from the University of Victoria, Dr. Weaver was recently elected Green Party of British Columbia member of the provincial legislature representing Oak Bay-Gordon Head.

In this eye-opening video, he tries unsuccessfully to square the impossible circle of being a passionate opponent of geo-engineering while simultaneously being an equally fervent denier of obvious scientific ‘chemtrail’ geo-engineering evidence.

Dr. Andew Weaver claims, if I understand the junk science he peddles correctly, that increasing planetary surface warming is caused by so-called ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ caused by increasing CO2 emissions, caused by our nasty human habit of wanting to be mobile and warm, by burning of so-called ‘fossil fuels’ driving around in cars or trucks, or heating our homes with firewood of other fuels, all of which activity actually cools the stratosphere slightly (according to the Dr.), thus enabling water vapour condensation from regular commercial jet contrails to now be seen more often than previously in our skies.

Claiming repeatedly and with apparent true conviction that ‘there is no conspiracy here’ (at the University of Victoria labs where he admits he still has friends at work producing ‘computer climate models’ of dubious scientific value) he is absolutely opposed to geo-engineering, calling it ‘madness,’ he nevertheless seems clueless that the persistent expanding tic tac toe or patchwork quilt patterned chemtrail spraying easily visible in the skies above his riding almost daily, is acknowledged by the USA gov. in numerous documents easily obtainable online to be geo-engineering designed, supposedly, to mitigate the adverse effects of so-called ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change.’

This persistent expanding aerosol or ‘chemtrail’ spraying activity is easily recognizable to anyone awake and open to fact-based evidence provided in Nature, and not blinded like Dr. Weaver and other fellow travelers in tyrannical so-called ‘green’ Globalism by ideological or partisan political prejudice.

Whether by ignorance or willfully, by denying help to WAC Victoria activists seeking to expose hidden public documents on the covert chemtrail supply chain, Dr. Weaver is effectively favouring demonic eugenics-based transhumanistic monkey business of the worst sort.

By his stubborn and dismissive denial of interest or support for a FOA to identify the key perpetrators of the corporatist supply chain of the public-private partnership conspiring in this deadly anti-human Globalist aerial spraying pogrom, Dr. Weaver shows us his true allegiance to the dangerous depopulation fanatics and decadent elitist neo-Malthusians in the internationalist revolutionary UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainability’ cult.

Chemtrail spraying is patently evident to increasing numbers of awakened individuals who look up almost daily to our dimming skies, recognizing this creepy spraying as a prime component of a massive ongoing ‘green’ Globalist eugenicist genocidal weather warfare pogrom against humanity, due to the many dangers to human health produced by the reduced sunlight consequent to the expansion of the artificial clouds.

Neurological disorders are just some of many deadly consequences of this constant interference in natural weather systems, and all of this info is also easily found in web documents.

Dr. Andrew Weaver’s fabulous fairy tale of an explanation for this increased visibility of what he calls normal commercial jet exhaust, anthropogenic global warming producing stratospheric cooling producing more easily visible condensing water vapour in regular contrail activity is very similar to the pseudo-scientific explanation for the chemtrails I see here from our vantage point on the Rockland escarpment in Victoria B. C. almost daily, which was given to me last year by the Harper Government’s newly appointed Transportation Minister Lisa Raitt in email correspondence published at LA ROSA:

These crazy politicians in the Canadian Conservative and B. C. Green parties are thus both peddling the same dangerous junk science to further their demonic evil ‘green’ Globalist eugenicist ‘sustainability’ programme.

Chemtrailing is toxic and is part of the anti-human Globalist ‘Endgame’ eugenicist project of 90% planetary population reduction, found in UN Agenda 21.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

(‘Goyo de la Rosa’: nom d’artiste)

Rockland Rosa Triplex



FREEDOM + SOLUTIONS RALLY SEEKS ARTISTS: We Are Change Victoria presents 3rd Annual Freedom + Solutions Rally, Saturday, October 26, 2013, 12 Noon to 2 p.m., B.C. LEGISLATURE… New poster designs encouraged by writes Josh Steffler

Published October 9, 2013 by goyodelarosa


Pat Klugh

Cover Photo

hello good people of WACV! we need a few things done ASAP….for the rally coming up

1. We need handbills made up, one that says our next 2 film nights, our upcoming rally and our weekly meetings. the handbill wouuld be best in Black and white for cheap printing and better if there was 4-6 a page so one sheet which costs 0.08 can be given to many people, we can also print double sided pages for the same cost. If you get me the file done, I will print up 100 which could give us 4-600 by saturday to hand out.

2. We need some more posters made up, a few for the rally that also look good in Black and white, and for the next film night which is November 3rd and we will be screening “take back your power” which is a film about the dangers of smart meters. something creative like an all seeing eye or something….short slogans about smart meter surveillance….if we get these done, we can use the kitty to print them up.

I am not very skilled in poster making, I apologize for that, but we need to be able to get things done without having to have meetings all the time…I am hoping someone will read this and just take the iniative to make them and forward them to me…if we get a few awesome posters, we can print them all…

main priority is the handbills for the March against Monsanto to promote the good work we all do here…please if I can have them the sooner the better, I know we have amazingly talented people out there…if you want any info on what to put on the posters or handbills message me

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