LAURA JAMES’ CALL TO CONCERNED DIVERS: LET’S MAKE STARFISH DIE-OFF MAP: ‘Please report on starfish you see on dives + on beach. Upload picture of beach (topside) where you saw sick stars to instagram with hashtag #sickstarfish …’ @ + Vimeo video + LA ROSA + Rockland Rosa Triplex

Published January 19, 2014 by goyodelarosa

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With my first underwater breath, I knew instantly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that i’d found my place… More than 20 years later, i am truly thankful for the opportunities that this wonderful sport has allowed me. My goal is to give back by inspiring divers and non divers alike to look “Beneath the Looking Glass”, to see our waters as a reflection of humanity itself. I believe by furthering people’s understanding and connection to our water-planet, we can encourage everyone to become stewards, to take action, to protect and preserve what we hold so dear for the future generations…

Whether its helping educate school kids with the Marine Science Afloat™ program as one of their ‘diver scientists’, or shooting video for sharing with the world at large, my hope is to help influence a greater awareness of our underwater world.

People will protect what they love, but they have to know it to love it…

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Please report on the starfish you see on dives… (and on the beach)

Upload a picture of the beach (topside) where you saw sick stars to instagram with the hashtag #sickstarfish This will put it on a map we are putting together. You will need to make sure geolocation is “on” and you are uploading from the site (not from your house). We are also working on a manual add for the site, but that is not up and running yet. If you dive at a site that has no sick seastars please upload #nosickstarfish that way we can get a baseline as well, and actually see spread over time. Tidepool walkers are also encouraged to become involved as the purple and orange starfish are often visible on low tides and you will be able to see both healthy and sick sea stars, as it is sometimes hard to tell the difference out of water, just take a picture of the starfish and upload it to instagram/twitter/facebook with the #beachstarfish and we’ll forward the picture on to the experts. All data collected will be made readily available to researchers.

This is where data will be showing up in real time at

Enter more data at the MARINe (Multi Agency Rocky Intertidal Network) page


(Pick one as they are sharing information)

Site: Cove 1, Seacrest, West Seattle, Washington State.

Video: Laura James
Dive Buddy: Jan Shaw

Camera: 5DMK2
Housing: Subal
Lights: Light & Motion SOLA 2000 X 2

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